September 2018

Stunning Spring Matches

Spring 2018 Matches Recap
By: Anthony Sfrisi

Typically, the Spring season for the Baltimore Flamingos means playing lots of rugby and enjoying lots of partying. We get a chance to play more IGR teams, where rugby Saturdays turn into rugby weekends with lots of camaraderie. This past season...
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Strut Your Stuff at Pride!

Baltimore Pride 2018 Recap
By: Alex San Nicholas

I quickly made my way to the Baltimore Museum of Art near Johns Hopkins Homewood Campus and Wyman Park Dell. I knew I was in the right place as I witnessed many Baltimoreans laughing and strutting their stuff in vibrant and rainbow-colored attire...
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7s and 10s Tournament

7s Rights of Spring and Phily 10s Recap
By: Matt Dela Cruz

Summer 7s/10s was certainly a different experience from my first season with the Flamingos. I was neither a board member nor a captain; I was just some dude that thrust himself into a leadership position. Right away, I knew that I had to earn the respect of the teammates that were showing up...
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By: Matt Cooper
Anyone that has been to or played in a rugby match knows how electric and addicting the energy feels; the second cycle of our biggest fundraising event of the year, Don’t Ruck It Up!, was no different. Some of your favorite Baltimore Flamingos ruggers traded in their cleats for high heels, their rugby kits for skirts, dresses, and ball-bearing onesies (looking at you Sinead!) and their rucks for death drops. Our glitter beard pit-crew put on their best sparkly pink Daisy Dukes and got ready to pick cabbage quicker than they can pick a dropped pass and, OH HONEEEEYY... Was it a sight to see! We had some great fun and some great laughs. But you know what was not a laughing matter? Raising $3084 for our club at the event!

Pok Me, Daddy

Get to know Michael Pokrass - his childhood, his journey of self-discovery, his love-life, and hopes and dreams for the future.

By: Jean Michael Chanchu

I have a working theory that Michael Pokrass (aka “Pok”) is pretty much the biggest heartthrob of the Baltimore Flamingos (Insta poll anyone?). Maybe it’s his killer smile, cuddly personality, his GREAT ASS (see below), his bulge that is definitely more meat than potato (see any picture he’s in), or all of the above that makes us want him to be our community top (yes, I’m also talking about you “tops” out there). When tested on the pitch, not only is he a reliable runner, but he’s also a tackling beast, scoring his first two tries during the Flamingos Civil War which heralded him his first ever, and much anticipated, Zulu run. If you don’t know what a Zulu is, then come to one of our games! Rookies, you’re in for a treat this season! When confronted about his heartthrob status, he replied, “So I’m the Kameron Michaels of the season…”.
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Dear Christian Woman,

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