A Recap of Our 2018 Spring Season
By: Anthony Sfrisi

Typically, the Spring season for the Baltimore Flamingos means playing lots of rugby and enjoying lots of partying. We get a chance to play more IGR teams, where rugby Saturdays turn into rugby weekends with lots of camaraderie.

This past season, we traveled to Boston and Charleston to play some more well-established IGR teams, AND we gained our first official win against the Columbus Kodiaks at home! ​
We were supposed to start the season off with a game against the Washington Scandals but mother nature had other plans for us. A drink up in D.C. was the compromise much to the delight of both teams. The Kodiaks, and we had a great time with them which was capped off by our FIRST OFFICIAL WIN.

The following weekend, we flocked up to Boston and played in 2 very tough matches. With flights being so cheap (thanks, Spirit), the team was able to sightsee and have a lot of time to bond before playing two tough matches.
Our trip to Charleston coincided with Naked Gardening Day where a few Flamingos posed with the Blockade before the match. (Click below for the slightly NSFW link;))
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